Homemade Vanilla Extract

With my daughter’s allergy to corn and my efforts to avoid preservatives and unknown ingredients, we have ventured out on a new adventure.  Making my own Vanilla. (I make everything else, it seems, why not give it a try.)

Here is what I have done.  I have chosen the smoothest Vodka I could find, Organic Froggy B Vodka.  Purchased an organic vanilla bean from the health food store.  Washed out an empty Maple Syrup flask.

Put it all together and wait 4-6 months and there you have it. Organic, homemade vanilla extract.  Here are some photos for you to see our progress.


20130202_162425  20130209_140249

              Feb 2, 2013                                                    Feb 9, 2013


March 11, 2013

Can’t wait to begin using this!  My longtime family friend says it is the BEST!


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