Heart Disease–Cancer–Sugar–> Tolerance=increased Sugar

I don’t believe sugar is the only thing to blame heart disease, cancer and other diseases. I do believe it is a significant factor.  When we look at the typical American diet today, it is full of sugar, and not just the sugars we see depicted in these photos and videos.  Today we’ll focus on this sugar and its effects and a way to prevent disease. 

I begin with the video from 60 minutes where Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with leading experts and the effects on the body when sugar is ingested.


Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on new research showing sugar’s effects on the body.


Amazing findings! One of the findings in this report was that as the body begins to eat more and more sugar, it takes more and more to provide the dopamine results. Just like an addiction of anything else.

I think about everything my daughter is enticed to eat on a daily basis, what my HUSBAND is enticed to eat on a daily basis… Mt. Dew, donuts, candy, cookies, cup cakes, processed food loaded with sugars to make us want them.  (My daughter is enticed by sugary fruit juices, cup cakes, candy, foods labeled “healthy” with sugar listed as the first or second ingredient) Sad smile

Our beverage of choice is water, an occasional rehydration drink (Performance) and occasional fruit juice with no added sugars.  I prefer whole fruit as a treat instead so that we are getting the fiber content with the sugars.  The way nature planned it.

Rethink your drink - sugar

Because of the information on the chart below, and other research, my family and I don’t begin our day with breakfast cereal, its not even in the house.  We prefer a healthy protein shake in the morning followed by our nutritional supplements and a tasty treat of craisins or something similar.

Breakfast Cereal sugar Content

I will admit, it wasn’t an easy transition the first time I gave up sugars. I went through with drawl and it was really pretty nasty.  The last time I gave up the bulk of sugars, it wasn’t as bad.  I used a balanced diet and nutrition to curb my cravings and assist me in my trek to a healthier life.

Today, I am blessed to be back on the lead lap of life.  You can be too.  For information, a consultation, or questions, feel free to contact me.

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