Vote for more Natural & Healthy Options

Unnatural life

Every dollar we spend is a vote. When we purchase products that are unnatural, we vote for that company to continue on that path. 

Every time we pass by something with artificial sweeteners/colors/flavors, pass by cleaners with toxic fumes/contents/reactions, and pass by beauty and personal care products containing carcinogens, we are voting for those companies to research and implement more natural products.  Products that are less harmful to our bodies, our environment, and our CHILDREN!

This could be a huge help in our battle with the health care system and its costs.  Attention to prevention is a big key to that.  Everything we surround ourselves with has an effect on our health and well being – be it positive or negative – it has an effect.

Vote today, vote for produce without poisons.  Vote for cleaners that don’t cause and irritate asthma.  Vote for laundry detergents that don’t contain carcinogens.  VOTE FOR HEALTHY OPTIONS!

If you would like more information on healthier options to vote on, feel free to contact me.

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