Am I Clouding up for a Health Storm?

I CAN create you own health, whether I realize it or not, and whether I want to or not. 

Whether or not it can be freely expressed depends upon the strength and vitality of your tissue cells—and the strength and vitality of those cells depends upon the nutritional substances I provide.

Cloudy Health

If I don’t provide the proper building materials, how can I expect my body to build quality cells.  If I don’t have quality cells, how can my body hold up to all the stresses I place on it? My diet, my supplements, and the products I surround my body and home in can either support health or detract from it. 

When I, personally, begin Clouding up, my first thought to myself is, “What’s missing? What can I do to assist my body in repairing this issue?”

For this reason, I try to make more conscious choices in the things that surround me, the things I slather on me, and the things I eat.  It does make a difference.

I am a living example of my own choices.

Just cuz ya eat it, doesn’t mean it will nourish your body.

People in the US consume more food, per capita, than any other nation.

We also are top contenders for the most coronary/heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, and hypertension.


Food Not Nutrition


Its not too late to make a change.  Once we begin feeding our body what it needs to build healthy, happy cells the body begins getting stronger and better able to correct issues that lead to those top, silent killers.

7 Tips to Healthy Weight Loss and Attaining Your Health Goals.

No matter what system you choose to use, there are 7 tips to attaining your health/weight loss goals.  They sound easy, they are easy, however, the trick is in maintaining all 7 tips at the same time for an extended period of time.

It can be done. I’ve done it, my friends have done it, and others are doing it too.

The tips I will mention here will be specific to the Shaklee180 Turnaround Plan, but are basically the same for other balanced systems.

7 Steps to Weight Loss

  1. Know your why. (Here are some examples from my clients.)
    — To fit on the roller coaster with my kids
    — To get healthy so I can play with/coach my kids in sports
    — To eliminate my type 2 diabetes
    — To get my “sexy” back
  2. Make a PUBLIC commitment. (When others support you, the challenge is easier to maintain.)
    — Tell your family
    — Tell your friends
    — Tell your co-workers
    — If you tell a friend & they don’t support/back you – FIND A NEW FRIEND!
  3. Get an accountability partner. (Its always fun to work with someone along side you.)
    — Someone to join you in the journey
    — Someone who also wants to improve their health/get sexy back
  4. Exercise 30 minutes each day. (The more you exercise, the more you can eat!)
    — Walk briskly
    — Train for a 5K or other event
    — Find a Yoga class
    — Find a High Intensity Interval Training Program (HIIT)
  5. Follow the plan as it is DESIGNED. (Shaklee180 Turnaround is designed to be complete and work as a system.)
    Science backs the program
    — It is proven to work – when you work it
    — Complete nutrition is a must – the system provides it
  6. Keep a food journal. (Many times my clients find they eat more than they thought in a day.)
    — Everything you eat AND drink
    — Trouble shooting is easier when we know where to begin
    — Many times we find the lips are very busy during the day
  7. Don’t get complacent. Don’t Give up. Don’t be mean. (Attitude makes a difference.)
    — Set the goal – reach for the goal
    — If you have a set back, move on from there
    Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes you make

For additional information on the Shaklee180 Turnaround or how we can work with you and coach you to reach your goals for your why, contact me.


Ignorance is NOT bliss when Nutrition is considered.

Nature's Court

Nutrition is how we feed our cells.  If we feed our cells crap, they don’t have much to make quality new cells.  When we provide a balanced diet of whole foods and quality supplements, then quality cells are built and our health is better.  We are then better able to fight off illnesses or degenerative diseases.

For more information on how you can come out of the dark and begin working toward better health, contact me.

Get Back onto the Road to Better Health!

Just like everything else in life, improved health can be attained by taking one step at a time.

You choose what size steps you want to take. Big? or Small?
You choose your pace. Fast? or Slow?

You may stumble, just get back up.
You may veer off track, follow the map to get back on the road to better health.

I am excited to be working with people who want to be on the lead lap of life, people who want sustained energy without sugar & caffeine laden energy drinks. You can do it, I would be happy to work with you.

I am Grease Monkey Marketing, contact me and we can map out what steps could be most beneficial for you. Whether your first priority is increased energy, improved health, or weight loss/weight management we can work with you to map it out and then guide you on your journey!

For more information, contact me.

Challenges in Weight Maintenance and Weight Loss

With the epidemic of obesity in our nation and our world, there are many, many obstacles that seem to stand in the way. Instead of just picking a few out of the air, I’d like to focus specifically on the issues facing our readers. For the next few posts, I’d like to focus on what our fans find difficult in maintaining or regaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

1 of 2 Americans are overweight

Head on over to our Facebook page and tell us what your biggest challenge, obstacle, or hang-ups are in attaining a healthy weight or maintaining your healthy weight.

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I strive to be a resource for others, if you would like to have more information on a particular topic related to health, wellness, weight loss, or natural ways to attain more energy, just contact me.

Thoughts on Weight Loss

What are your thoughts on weight loss/weight management? Do you see weight loss as a goal, or as an outcome from healthy decisions? Perhaps the old adage of “You are what you eat” could also be “You are what you think.”  Many of us, myself included, tend to sabotage ourselves rather than support ourselves with our thoughts, beliefs, and the way we treat ourselves.

My Facebook Page this week is focusing on different thoughts and patterns that different people have.  Some may apply to you, others may not.  I know as I looked down the list there are some who apply to me more frequently than others.  Why the focus on thoughts? Continue reading →

Caring for Yourself

As I reflect on my day of rest, I keep coming back to a sermon a pastor of mine gave many years ago… That we are to buffet our bodies, not buffet (as in early bird special all you can eat) our bodies.  That message has been with me for many years.  He came out to give his message wearing an inflatable suit, to make sure we got the point and to give us a chuckle on the play on words, but his message has stuck with me. I was also much bigger when he gave the sermon and resembled the statements he made.

As a child of God, and a follower of Jesus, I am the church and it is my responsibility to take care of myself and to live as He would ask me to, as a role model for others in all aspect of life.  Not that I have to, as my friend Camille reminds me, it is a choice.  I choose to live in a way that honors myself and in turn honors Him.

I did a search online for scripture relating to health, trying to locate the scripture that Tracy had used in his message and found a few that jumped out at me.  I’ve shared them here.

  • I urge you, brother and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.  ~Romans 12:1 (NIV)
  • Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, 20 for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body. ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NLT)

My beliefs intermingle in all that I do, and that includes the choices I make to live a healthier life.  The better I care for myself, the healthier I am, the better I feel, the more energy I have and the better able I am to serve others.