Pumpkin Bites

It’s pumpkin season! Everything pumpkin, all the time… Well, you don’t need to go to Starbucks to get your pumpkin fix. Here is a GREAT and easy recipe for some healthy Pumpkin Bites.

I grind up the oatmeal, since my daughter seems to be texture sensitive at times, its easier than fighting with her to get her to eat it. 🙂

Pumpkin protein Bites image


1 cup oatmeal (ground is optional)
2 scoops of Vanilla Life Protein by Shaklee
2 TBSP cinnamon
1 TBSP organic raw sugar
1 heaping cup of Pumpkin Puree (Instructions here)
2 TBSP flax meal
2 TBSP chia seeds

Dark Chocolate Chips to top.


Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a bowl.
Fill cupcake wrappers with mix, press down. (I use 1 TBSP of mix in a mini-cupcake wrapper, or a full medium scoop in a full sized cupcake paper.)
Top with Dark Chocolate Chips
Refrigerate until firm then EAT!

Quick, clean produce for 2 cents

Healthy Grease Monkey | Choices Matter

We keep being told we should eat more fresh produce to improve our health. More nutrient dense, colorful, tasty fresh produce.  We also hear, regularly about all the chemicals that are used on the fruits and veggies that we love.  I have a 2 cent option to clean all that produce as you bring it home from the market.

This is a really important step! Even organic produce can be sprayed with chemicals/pesticides, so it is important to ALWAYS wash before you eat!

Tractor spray fertilize with insecticide herbicide chemicals in agriculture field and evening sunlight

Tractor spray fertilize with insecticide herbicide chemicals in agriculture field and evening sunlight Source: kchanews.com

This is another place where my Basic H2, again, saves me money and keeps my family safe.  Years ago I read that you should soak your produce for 6 minutes for optimum cleansing, so that is what I do today. (Probably need to research that more)


I’ve been using this product for over 8 years. I use it on my produce, pets, counters, floors, cars, grill, laundry (pre-treat), as insect repellent, as sting relief from bees and wasps, window cleaner, degreaser, and many more things.

Scrumptious Saute’d Brussels Sprouts

I had the munchies this AM so I fixed myself one of my favorite treats! Saute’d Brussel Sprouts and mixed veggies. This amazingly flavorful treat is full of nutrient dense bites and fiber.  Only 122 calories per serving and so much goodness!

This is SO easy and has so much flavor! (Makes 2 servings)

Begin by chopping your veggies:

4-5 fresh brussel sprouts, sliced in half
1/2 bell pepper, chopped
1    small onion, sliced or chopped
1    carrot chopped
3    cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped or halved.

Pour 1 TBSP grape seed oil (it has a higher flash point and is safer for saute’ing than is EVOO) into a skillet or pan. (We use iron skillets) and heat over medium heat.

Add sprouts, cut side down and all other veggies to hot oil. Cover the pan and let them cook for 5-8 minutes, stirring occasionally.

When you notice the color of your produce begins to really POP and your onions and sprouts have begun to caramelize, Move them to a bowl and enjoy.

* Sometimes, I add a sprinkle of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos for a different pop of flavor.

Healthy, quick Snacks–Chase the Grumpies away!

The blood sugar has dropped, the mood pendulum is rapidly swinging, the cravings set in, as does the temper.  This is a common occurrence for many people, especially our children as they are released from the classroom – or we are released for a 10 minute afternoon break from the doldrums of our work lives.

Quick snacks on the go Healthy Grease Monkey

Providing our kids, or ourselves, with prepackaged snacks may SEEM like a great idea, but when we get down to it we are setting them up for a serious drop in blood sugar and a case of the grumpies.

Although rice crispy treats may be their favorite, (and a weakness of my hubby) the sugar content is detrimental to their health, their immune system, and their moods.  How do we satisfy the hunger, the need for nutrition and a kid’s sweet tooth?  A tasty, natural alternative paired with some protein!

It needs to be quick as time is of the essence, so here are some ideas to have ready at the office or to haul along when waiting in parent pick-up lines – not just for the kids, but for Mom & Dad too!

  1. Peanut butter and apple slices
  2. Greek yogurt or cottage cheese & pine apple chunks &/or strawberries (really, any sweet fruit will work)
  3. Fruit smoothee with protein powder. (I keep over ripe bananas in the freezer to use in these, awesome nutrition for myself and my daughter
  4. Protein bites (one of our favorites and super simple to make)
  5. Protein bars – you can alter your optional ingredients here to keep things mixed up a bit
  6. Fruit Pizza – you can do this with Peanut butter in place of the creamy base as well.
  7. Chopped, leftover grilled chicken with chips and pico de gallo 
  8. Apple Fiber Bars (for when its been a truly hectic week, I keep these on hand)
  9. Humus as dip for carrots & celery, or a few pretzels
  10. Whole grain crackers with natural peanut butter & preserves

HealthyGreaseMonkey snackFeel Good Fast Protein Bites

Here are a couple of links with other ideas. Protein is an important component of this afternoon snack.  I will explain more, later in the week. 




For more information about healthy alternatives, protein powder sources, or to sign up for this month’s cooking prep class, contact me!

Avoid the Afternoon GRUMPIES

School opens next week… Schedules become more routine with homework, sports, after-school programs, quality time, bed time, dinner time…  (the list goes on and on as the days get shorter)

As parents, our time is valuable, we want to spend HAPPY time with our kids, especially when that time is limited. 

THIS is where a little preparation and even a little planning can make a BIG difference, healthy snack choices can GREATLY improve our own mood and the moods of our children!

I know that my child needs an immediate snack of substance as soon as I pick her up from school. She’s just like me.  Not that she begs for one, but her blood sugar, at this point, has dropped to “the grumpies” and she is argumentative, weepy, whiny, and generally disagreeable UNTIL I can get that blood sugar elevated a bit and SUSTAINED.

Let me explain a bit with an excerpt from “Why Do I Feel This Way?” by Gaber & Day:

Though most of the body can use stored fat for energy, the brain only “runs” on glucose. It, therefore, needs a constant supply.  Without it, symptoms such as dizziness, faintness, moodiness, irritability, weakness, fuzzy thinking, etc. may result. The brain will then put out signals of hunger, or cravings for glucose containing foods to alleviate a potential crisis.

What this means for our kids and OURSELVES, is that we need to pay attention to what we are eating throughout the day, and provide a healthy, sound snack option to offset this issue.

Imagine: Your kids come home, are better able to focus on completing their homework, they are less argumentative and even a bit less whiny.  hmmmm

This month I will be offering ideas to combat the AFTERNOON GRUMPIES.

Today, I will tell you, think protein and fresh fruit…  An example:


Enjoy!  May the traffic, the change in routines, and the force be with you!

For more information or to find out about local cooking preparation classes contact me.

After School Snacks, Blood Thinners, Depression, & Splenda

Haven’t been blogging as much!  I’ve been busy working with clients and friends.  I wanted to share a compilation of information people have been requesting by using visuals.  Each photo will link to a page that explains.

Little Snack

Part of our daily ritual is a Fresh Fruit smoothee when we get home from school. Today, she thought those strawberries looked “JUST TOO GOOD” to wait, so she had to eat one whole!

Choices – Blood Thinners

We have clients asking if we have anything that can help them, without Vitamin K, due to doctor’s orders. We DO!  We now have the option of Vitamin K Vitalizer and Lean & Healthy kits.


Choices – we do have them

I was lucky enough to find an awesome therapist who worked with me to wean me off the meds and work with cognitive therapy and sound nutrition to counteract my depression.  I still have down days, I just handle them much better now – and WITHOUT side effects.


Splenda – Side Effects Healthy Grease Monkey

I personally, try to stay away from anything artificial, especially if it has side effects!  A friend asked me what the dangers of Splenda were, so I compiled some data for her.


Finally, I have found that those clients who become part of a supportive community and stay a part of that community are having greater successes and an easier time staying engaged in their programs to improve their health!  We have openings in local Waist Line Relief group that meets weekly as well as in the monthly support group meetings.

If there is a topic that is of particular interest to you, feel free to contact me and I will work with you.